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How Much Do School Districts Affect Real Estate Prices

When people buy a home, a number of factors influence their decision. The look of the home, as well as its size, layout, age, and proximity to amenities are all important, depending on the.

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Realtors Share TOP Worst Stories

I have run into some pretty scary and weird stuff being a Realtor in Fort Worth Texas.  These however is a compilation of stories shared from the web. 1.  Cat LadyNot a realtor, but

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Why Should I Buy A Home In Fort Worth DFW

The advice your father would give you is because its a great investment and it shows stability.  I cannot disagree, traditional home buyers typically have more wealth and do show stability in

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Jun 6 2017 33673 1

How do you know?In life like in real estate, when you know you know.  What do I mean by that?  Go back to that time when you knew that your gut instinct was right.  It can be as

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